This is me. Kim Scaravelli

I'm a writer, marketer, and brand voice consultant, with 20+ years of experience making words work online.

  • I'm the author of Making Words Work. It's a practical guide to writing powerful content, filled with writing tips and tricks, confidence builders, and strategies to make writing enjoyable.
  • My popular newsletter, Writing and Other Stuff, delivers useful insights and resources to inboxes every second Wednesday.
  • I write articles about the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of content writing, on my blog. And on Medium. And you'll find my byline in several respected publications, including She Owns It, where I contribute monthly articles.
  • I'm the Founder and Chief Content Strategist at Trust Communications. If you're spending time and money trying to bring your brand to life online - and not getting the results you want - we should chat. I can fix that!
  • I’m also the Managing Partner of The Canadian Diversity Initiative. It’s a passion project that fosters diversity and inclusion through education and I'm proud to be a part of it. If you're looking for DEI training, check it out.

In my spare time, I wrangle a large, unruly family, intervene in spats between my cat and my dog, and binge-watch baking shows. No shame. You can’t be productive ALL the time.

To get in touch, contact me. And of course, follow me on social media!