This is me... Kim Scaravelli


This is me... Kim Scaravelli

I'm a writer who knows how to make words work online.

Trust me... IT'S A THING.


  • If writing content is your thing too (or if you wish it was), you should buy my book. Making Words Work: A Practical Guide to Writing Powerful Content is filled with writing tips, confidence builders, and lessons from the trenches. I may be biased, but I think it's pretty good!
  • I send out a bi-weekly newsletter called Writing and Other Stuff. It's filled with tips and tricks, links to cool websites, and the occasional rant - and I would love to have you as a subscriber!
  • I’m getting back into blogging, which makes my heart sing. I write about the ins and outs, and ups and downs, of content writing, so if that sounds interesting to you, visit my blog.
  • I earn my living as a B2B content strategist. My company, Trust Communications, works with clients across Canada and abroad, and our content is currently in-play on more than 400 corporate and non-profit websites. If your organization has BIG ambitions and needs powerful content that can do what you need it to do, I'm your person. Just saying.
  • I’m also the Managing Partner of The Canadian Diversity Initiative. It’s a passion project that fosters diversity and inclusion through education and I'm proud to be a part of it. If you're looking for DEI training, check it out.

In my spare time, I wrangle a large, unruly family, intervene in spats between my cat and my dog, and binge-watch baking shows. No shame. You can’t be productive ALL the time.

To get in touch, contact me. And of course, follow me on social media!