How To Enjoy Content Creation Instead Of Stressing About It

Content Creation

Had a lovely chat with Marc Guberti, as a guest on his popular Breakthrough Success podcast. Our main topic of conversation was how to enjoy content creation instead of stressing about it. I kicked things off by assuring listeners that there’s a do-able path forward to a place where you earn enough to feel successful,…

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6 Punctuation Mistakes That Annoy Readers And How To Fix Them

cat looking at laptop screen as they try to fix punctuation mistakes

“In writing, punctuation plays the role of body language. It helps readers hear the way you want to be heard.” ― Russell Baker GOOD punctuation is something most readers take for granted. In my 20+ years of writing, I’ve never had someone leave a comment raving about the perfection of my punctuation. If you’re doing it right,…

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7 Simple Strategies To Stop Thinking About Work All The Time

Stop Thinking About Work is shown as a swirl of ideas drawn above someone's head

There’s nothing inherently wrong with thinking about work when you’re not at work. Sometimes I come up with great ideas – and solve problems – while I’m driving somewhere (or soaking in the tub).  But when you can’t stop those work thoughts from rattling around in your head, you’ve got a problem. Because not being able…

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How To Write Copy That Converts Website Visitors Into Customers

By definition, conversion is the process of changing something from one form to another. In the context of online marketing, website conversion is generally about changing visitors into customers, donors, subscribers, or members. The bad news is that, on average, only 2.35% of people who visit a website actually convert. That said, this is just…

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15 Excuses For NOT Writing And How To Move Past Them

I’ve been a professional content writer for more than 20 years. And I’ve made ALL the excuses for not writing, including (but certainly not limited to): Your excuses may be different than mine. They may be better than mine. But here’s the thing… Regardless of what excuses you’re using, the end result is still the…

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