Authenticity Is More Valuable Than AI-Generated Perfection

Post is about authenticity. The image of an orange robot using a keyboard represents AI writing tools.

Authenticity is a hot-button topic right now. In fact, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2023 is authentic. To be cheeky, I asked the AI Assistant in my Buffer app to create a post about “authenticity” and here’s what I got: Authenticity is key. In a world full of filters and facades, staying true to yourself is…

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How To Tighten A Sentence: 3 Easy Ways To Improve Readability

Rambling is a always a negative, whether you’re speaking or writing. That said, you have more leeway when speaking because there are many ways to hold attention. You can use tone, body language, facial expressions, etc. to keep listeners interested. But when you write, there are only words. So rambling isn’t just annoying – it’s…

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How To Write Copy That Converts Website Visitors Into Customers

By definition, conversion is the process of changing something from one form to another. In the context of online marketing, website conversion is generally about changing visitors into customers, donors, subscribers, or members. The bad news is that, on average, only 2.35% of people who visit a website actually convert. That said, this is just…

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